002 – Christina Grdovic of Travel + Leisure and Food & Wine Magazines – Making Time for Travel Is Better for Humanity

Covering travel, leisure, food and wine with Time, Inc…

Christina Grdovic (bio), Managing Director (overseeing advertising sales and marketing) of Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure Magazines at Time, Inc., join Peter Crysdale (Co-Founder of ReCorp), Pavan Bahl (CEO Open Source Business), and Tamara Wood for the second episode of Travel Is Your Business podcast.

Starting with Time, Inc., new media, and content

Grdovic discusses how she got to know and became involved with Food and Wine and Travel and Leisure, and the scope of the brands, publications and the work. New media, using data and the way it is packaged and sold, analyzing focus on content coverage, the relation to what advertisers need, how research shows people spend more money overall when traveling, and playing in luxury travel.

Innovation, native content, and Top Chef

Trying to keep up with the changing travel industry, and keeping a pulse on innovation. Comparing travel advisors as friends telling you where to go and what to do, and augmented reality as a possible replacement. How native content on travel is becoming less commercial-like, the impact of social media on showcasing food and travel, scarcity vs. universality, expert vs. user-generated content, controlling content, and how it is getting harder to create an exclusive experience. Why loyalty programs are important, a content-to-commerce shift and concerns around it, and the journey in developing campaigns and content for clients. Separating marketing vs. editorial as church and state, a focus on sharing, and a user-generated photography contest with a chance to become a travel and leisure photographer. Plus, the story of getting involved with Top Chef, and the significant impact from it.

Machu Picchu, Croatia, and bad vacations

Off the Beaten Path offers up some personal questions, covering Peru, a partial Machu Picchu hike, Croatia and Yugoslavia, and were those really bad vacations?


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