003 – Bess Chapman of jetBlue Airways – At Home and On Demand in the Sky

In-flight entertainment and connectivity in aviation…

Bess Chapman, Manager of In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity for jetBlue Airways (bio), joins special hosts Marc Raco, Rob Sanchez and Julie Macalaster (Head of Strategy & Growth at Def Method) on-location at the Millennial 20/20 Summit in New York City.

A place for the latest and greatest, next-gen features, and bringing humanity back to travel

Chapman discusses falling in love with the aviation industry and how the job at jetBlue fell into her lap working at a media agency, what she prefers in on her own in-flight entertainment, what features and controls are necessary, on-demand capability, legroom, looking at the entire realm of what’s possible, wanting to replicate the at-home experience in the sky, enabling dual screening, free hi-speed internet, and making the aircraft a place to see latest and greatest and try new things. How jetBlue is trying to introduce passengers to their new favorite things, easing customer experiences, and defining interiors and next-gen experience for new aircraft. The number one value, making the airlines family-friendly, making features specific to in-flight, creating a next-gen mapping experience, and putting a “jetBlue spin” on everything. Bringing humanity back to traveling, and larger trends in tech and media instead of the same old formulas.

Personalization, an Amazon partnership, and VR

Personalization, how NFC communication can allow pairing of devices as the next level of experience, what the jetBlue brand means and how it is related to technology innovation, how the jetBlue Channel tries to be appealing to all ages, partnerships with PureWow and Vice, looking at the data of watching habits and how it points to comedy, and the popularity of Dance Moms and How to eat Sushi. Denim seats, a lot of market research, Amazon as a big content partner partnering in data, dealing with disturbing live programming during in flight, live TV as a major market draw to jetBlue, the expectation of VR becoming significant in the future, and how jetBlue will only commit to VR it when it is ready and compliments the customer experience.

Games, rewards, and exotic butterflies

Future physical integration into the system for platform games, and potential for on-board gaming competitions. Unpacking the Amazon partnership for onboard “FlyFi”, shopping on Amazon on-board with jetBlue rewards for purchases, integrating voice commands in a thoughtful way, and looking at destination-based Amazon purchases. Off the Beaten Path covers being lost in Switzerland and the kindness of strangers, exotic butterflies in Thailand, and finding Wicket.

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