005 – Varelie Croes of ATECH – Moving Goods, People and Data

Aruba’s travel innovation and entrepreneurialism with ATECH…

Varelie Croes (bio), Co-Founder and Board of Directors of ATECH Foundation (a community of entrepreneurs and investors and the Caribbean’s top conference for startups in Aruba featuring international speakers, and investors) and Founder and CEO The Liv Group, joins Pavan Bahl, Peter Crysdale and Tamara Wood from the studio at VoyagerHQ.

Creating an ecosystem, building on what’s there, and what Aruba already knows

Croes discusses the great conference of ATECH, Aruba as a great melting pot of cultures and history as a Dutch Colony, how rapidly growing tourism was developed by choice in Aruba, and creating a technological ecosystem and entrepreneurship to start or spend time in Aruba. How ATECH focuses on travel to build on what’s already there and how Aruba knows hospitality and travel and because it involves a broad sense of the movement of goods, people and data.

Data, airport logistics, and biometrics in travel

Data sources on the island and status as the second largest percentage of GDP on travel in the world, how data is shared, sensor technology, tech and startups as a big sector because of limitations of space and infrastructure and exports, and focusing on knowledge which comes from innovation. How big this will grow, a company that helps manage logistics in air traffic control towers, and airport management and thinking of airports as businesses. How the movement of people and goods through ports may be the next big areas of innovation. Biometric check-ins/out at airports, and trusting technology to replace jobs of individuals.

Curaçao, an unusual photo, and a duck embryo

The smallest country, an unusual aviation photo on the way to Holland, Disney World, and Vietnamese street food.


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