016 – Joe DiTomaso of AllTheRooms – Accommodating Everyone

Accommodation search engines…

Joe DiTomaso, Co-Founder and CEO of AllTheRooms (the largest and most complete accommodation search engine combining sites like Expedia, Airbnb, and 400+ other sites you may not have even heard of yet, offering more than 900,000 rooms worldwide – (bio)), joins Pavan Bahl, John Matson and Peter Crysdale at the MouthMedia Network studios.

Cataloging every room, selling analytics, and how travel ranks in Google

DiTomaso discusses aggregating and cataloging every room on the planet, from a hammock in the Caribbean to a 3 bedroom flat in London, how the consumer ends up seeing inventory and hotels and paying the “highest big”, how that’s only 1% of the market, being a B to B solution, and offering a white level B to B to C solution, allowing interactive search connecting with events, selling the analytics, including all of airbnb, how the travel space is Google’s third highest paying vertical vs. insurance and finance, and how companies like Trivago and their ad word spend are crushing competition.

The vision, acquisition costs, and airbnb

The origin of the AllTheRooms idea and the vision to do something no one has done before. Instead of plugging into a global GDS system, missing luxury and off the beaten path hotels, a vision of going after every room on the planet. As players push into instant book it exponentially escalates the inventory, where ROI goes because of acquisition costs, and how it becomes a sustainable competitive barrier-to-entry for airbnb. Once converted to instant book, how it shores up inventory on airbnb. Does airbnb become the next OTA? How AllTheRooms is finding hotel partners, how the vision is the data and analytics, and the importance of an acquisition strategy.

Kanye West, cereal box marketing, and strengths

Something about New York, Lou Ferrigno at the gym, Kanye West’s assistant, how the cartoon character eyes on cereal boxes influence consumer behavior, Boo-Berry, doubling down on strengths,


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