018 – Alex Shashou of ALICE – Here’s the Story of an App Named ALICE

Hotel operations connection platform with ALICE…

Alex Shashou, Co-Founder & President of ALICE (an operations system for every department in a hotel, connecting staff and guests – (bio)), joins Pavan Bahl and John Matson at the MouthMedia Network Studios.

Building partnerships, tracking and transitioning work, and the market opportunity

Shashou shares the biggest growth transition of ALICE, how is addresses the last frontier of travel, allows all department to communicate, gives guests access, connects different software systems, and how ALICE is building great partnerships with big names. Working primarily with high end 3 star to 5 star hotels, how it was started 2012 and moved from a guest app to a back end player that changed the business model, how the open API is utilized, tracking employee work, transitioning work from shift to shift, that hotels are not technology companies but a service company, and how boutique brands are building own guest experience and their own apps but using ALICE for the operational complexity. Now at 500 locations serviced, in Europe and North America, more than 150,000 non-chain hotels are the market, with a focus on hotels big enough to matter but not so small not to matter.

Learning from pizza, easy set up, and the power of the concierge

The book “Crossing the Chasm”, and the tech reason and learning teachable moment that Dominos pizza was the snack. What implementation is like for a customer, how long it takes to be fully operational and to be staging information, clever ways to integrate with a property management system, how ALICE can be set up in one night if needed but takes time to get used to, being able to upsell through the platform via effort from the concierge, how it is not just about the bottom line but also giving each staff member the tools to get their job done.

All hands on deck, company books, and why not Asia

ALICE has all hands deck at the company every Tuesday with a global call. Reading books together as a company, which helps create both a company and a vernacular. And what has prevented Alice from expanding to Asia so far. A round of personal questions with “Off the Beaten Path” looks at London vs. New Orleans, nutrition value of English food, upcoming nuptials, big hiring drive, and an impending announcement.

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