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Travel app with intelligent filters help you find trips that suit your time, destination preferences and budget…

Gillian Morris, Co-founder and CEO of Hitlist (a mobile app which sends users personalized, proactive alerts when there are cheap flights – profile), joins John Matson, Peter Crysdale and Marc Raco in the MouthMedia Network Studios in New York, powered by Sennheiser.

Optimal timing, a price graph, and an organic rate of growth

Morris discusses how the app alerts you, and how Hitlist monitors 50 million flights of data a day, and helps to save time and money and get you traveling more. How other flight search engines are about if you want to book right now and know what you want and where to go, but how booking at optimal times can save a lot of money. Driving the purchase so customers know the right moment, the price graph, how Hitlist has a use case, the way the organic growth rate is going up, being at a million users, and pride that they didn’t have to raise a lot of money.

Deals and value, targeted inspiration, and a wide open space for innovation

The genesis of the company from a spreadsheet solving Morris’ own problem, like Tinder for cities, how people will pay a premium for convenience, and that deals mean good value, not the cheapest. How Hitlist has moved into idea of lists and collections and specific trips, narrowing down to date or destination ideas (such as specific holidays) for targeted inspiration. The revenue from affiliate booking, deals to places like Iceland that has subsidized airlines or travel to bring people into the destination, jetBlue’s innovation, people who get into travel startups for loving travel instead of solving a problem – how the right businesses are not getting built. And there is a wide-open space for things not getting addressed right now.

Last minute Turkey, an Iranian Secret Service, and good grammar

Off the Beaten Path covers least planned, last-minute trip from Istanbul to the coast of Turkey, going from terror to legitimacy, good grammar, going places that are changing, being followed by an Iranian secret service person, and Gaza Sky Geeks.

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