Special Report – Brittany Lewis of Chariot -The Midtown Mover

Chariot’s first NYC crowd-funded commuter route…

Brittany Lewis, Marketing Manager for Chariot (an app-based crowd-sourced commuter service and Ford Smart Mobility Company – (profile)) joins Marc Raco in the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser for a special announcement on a new crowd-funded route.

Lewis announces that after a month-and-a-half in Chariot’s fourth City, launching Chariotfirst crowd-funded route in New York City on October 10th, 2017. She clarifies how a crowd-sourced route works, why Chariot’s model is a significant urban opportunity, how urban growth created mobility issues, and Chariot and Ford looking at how to help get people where they need to go while considering other city issues. The sense of community with Chariot, the notion of on-demand and a personal experience, fostering the sense of community in the rides in a place like New York, and launching quickly after the first two routes in NYC. Plus, naming the service routes, and a special connection on a chariot for Lewis personally.

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