025 – Richard Harris of Intent Media – Risk, Trust, Data

Analyzing the intent of online consumer journeys in travel…

Richard Harris, CEO of Intent Media (operating the world’s most powerful platform for advertising on commerce sites, with ads running across a network of leading travel websites), discusses how “digital exhaust” becomes valuable real time user intent data, sharing competitive information and rates develops loyalty, the distinction between search and commerce, and building a successful company culture. Recorded with hosts John Matson, Pavan Bahl, and guest host Nick Vivion of tnooz in the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser.

Travelocity two ways, repurposing digital exhaust, and Dubonnet wine

Harris reveals how he and his partners started as consultants, sold their company to Travelocity, then took over Travelocity, exited, then started Intent Media. He discusses the essence of the company as taking tools of machine learning to predict what users are trying to get accomplished and then solving that in real time to give them the user experience they want. Using predictive analytics regarding that someone won’t buy, and helping them get where they want to go, how keys are to be useful to customer, provide utility that links to even a competitor, and to monetize that. Found data of customer journey, realizing their intent, then the digital “exhaust” becomes real time user intent data, value added for user. How Harris and his partners realized “money will fall on their heads”. How showing competitive information and rates increases loyalty to the site, and positioning as a great place to start a search, how taking a competitive risk brings trust, and the way cooperative efforts allow competitors to send opportunities to each other in the travel vertical. And Dubonnet Rouge Aperitif Wine makes an appearance during snack time.

Opening walled gardens of data, search vs. commerce, and multi-vertical potential

A look at how search technology can be different and the way merchandising is done is different, how the consumer is trained to use 20 different sites, and if sorting is different, it gives impression different inventory. How using data that comes from one particular source is only used for benefit of that source, walled gardens will break open, and the benefits of a neutral arbiter to use network wide data—and, now, its is more walled. Blurred lines in digital commerce, how Amazon fits in, the why the distinction between search and commerce is arbitrary. Consumers just want to have help making a decision and getting it done. Sharing of anonymous data, dealing with various data sets, and how now much of the incoming data is digital so it is pushed in real time and more accurate. Plus, customer profiles in travel are deep, with multi vertical potential.

Superior workplace culture, hotels and direct booking, and the year-long honeymoon

The remarkable working culture of Intent Media, how it has been one of the best places to work for 6 years straight, a focus on dogs, and whether the culture is mapped out or organic? Hotels and direct booking, why Intent got into that world and bought Voyat. Off the Beaten Path personal questions cover inspiring and beautiful New Guinea, a year-long honeymoon, giving children a multicultural, well-rounded perspective including India, a book that impacted Harris’ executive path, and staying out of the emotional ups and downs of running a business.

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