027 – Chubi Nwagbara of Emadri – Packed with Preparation

Shopping and travel packing list…

EmadriChubi Nwagbara, Co-Founder at Emadri (and TheVane, the place to shop the items missing for your next trip), joins Pavan Bahl, John Matson and Peter Crysdale in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

Working with booking platforms, likely users, and impact of various factors on recommendations

Nwagbara discusses communication flow, how client partners have multiple options, how bookings are pushed to TheVane, then the info hits algorithm and the booking platform offers recommendations. Taking into account how weather, dates, gender, age, and purpose of travel all impact recommendations, the typical type of people who want to use and how it also affects recommendations, and why business travelers know what they need to pack so leisure travelers are the most likely users.

Data differences widgets and white labeling, and TheVane

Being able to give style preferences via social media, engaging consumers to learn more, and the difference in data collected and available between different parts of travel industry. The end goal and motivation to be in space for Emadri, providing widgets on travel sites, offering white labeling, and how TheVane is where they started and they have evolved. Having information on travelers in advance of trips, and what travelers are interested in doing on trips.

Revenue model, a sharing economy opportunity, and a lion mane

The value for retailers from an aggregated data standpoint, and how the value-add is the algorithm. The revenue model as software as a service or commission on sales of any product. Sharing economy vs. buying and delivery, some want for customization, some want for revenue, some for both. Airline partners vs. hotel partners, and how airlines provide more data. Personal questions with Off the Beaten Path cover Choose your own Adventure, the strangest item of clothing in a closet, and the mane of a real lion for Halloween.

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