029 – Brianne Kimmel of Zendesk – Supporting Customers Like a Human

Customer experience and customer support in travel and hospitality…

Brianne KimmelZendesk, GTM (Growth, Marketing Strategy, Audience & Industry) at Zendesk (which builds software for better customer relationships, empowering organizations to improve customer engagement and better understand their customers) joins John Matson and Pavan Bahl in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

End-to-end communication, being more human, and driving innovation

ZendeskKimmel describes Zendesk as a software company which builds products to improve customer experience and customer support for companies like AirBnB, Expedia, etc. and end to end communication such as chatbots. Training representatives to speak more conversationally, humans to be more human, especially since most contacts are because of a problem and people expect a human response back. More conversational travel companies are driving innovation. OTAs feel responsible for customer experience, share info with providers.

Data insights, Zendesk for startups, and the future of changing travel

ZendeskData insights driven to clients, a foundation for great marketing, thinking a lot around AI, machine learning, voice, how you build self-serve knowledge base. Zendesk for Startups, free software of full suite of products for 12 months for startups (including support), ensuring startups talk to customers early and often and ask the right questions. The future of mobility, the way people traveling changing, how autonomous vehicles can change travel and media consumption, fewer people owning cars, how that will impact weekend getaways, and marketing, starting the funnel and targeting.

Sydney, China, and hyper-local community building

Kimmel living in Sydney for years, building a local product in China, building hyper local communities, early performance marketing, paid user acquisition. How building local communities is very different in China, working with local community managers. Surfing and sailing in Sydney, and loving Cape Town in South Africa.

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