031 – Evelyn Badia of The Hosting Journey – Being The Perfect AirBnB Host

Making a real income as an outstanding AirBnB Host…

Evelyn BadiaEvelyn Badia, Founder of The Hosting Journey, joins Pavan Bahl and Brandon McKenzie (MetroButler), in a conversation about her journey as an AirBnB Host and coach for other hosts, in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

Evelyn Badia


  • Badia’s work as an AirBnB Host and AirBnB Coach, teaching how to do AirBnB right
  • Her prior work as a producer for TV commercials
  • Why she started hosting when economy shifted, before AirBnB was popular.
  • Living with strangers vs. losing your house, and learning about this from a NY Times article
  • A lot of people start AirBnB out of necessity, and then decide they like it
  • How Badia had too much time on her hands, then started traveling, then moved from casual hosting to it as a full time job, then a hosting coaching career (in part due to her lawyer)
  • When AirBnB hosting became a six figure income for Badia
  • How she never stopped because the economy never picked up, and jobs were never the same
  • How she was talking about AirBnB too much, and coaching became the obvious thing
  • That time the AirBnB founders tapped her to talk in New York when things were starting to happen there with AirBnB
  • Vacation rental owner typically have different mindsets than AirBnB hosts, how it is about need vs. privilege
  • Evelyn BadiaWhy AirBnB may be moving away to some degree marketing of individuality of hosts, even hotels on platform
  • Implications of prospective regulatory issues on certain visitors
  • How the character of the guest has changed over time
  • The importance of cleanliness, new sheets, why Badia doesn’t do bar soaps, the importance of an amazing house manual, and sharing the things on your neighborhood you know, being very specific
  • Buying for the refrigerator, make sure basic things have been provided (ie, milk)
  • Pricing strategy, how everything affects business — from weather to politics – adjusting weekly
  • The Hosting Journey open Facebook group for hosts international
  • Is a full time tenant a good idea?
  • How Badia is staying connected to community, podcast, webinars,
  • Being very clear about offerings and what an AirBnB host provides
  • Horror stories, and how guests have even seen Badia naked
  • What is it like living with strangers all the time, how Badia’s personal life navigates around being an AirBnB host
  • Why Badia doesn’t care about her personal and AirBnB lives mixing, and why she prefers guests who are exploring NYC
  • And the goal of a future TV show
  • Selling sauce that won the “Oscars of sauce”, triathalons, and how having an AirBnB allowed her the flexibility to deal with health issues

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