038 – Tom Cintorino of Northstar – Meeting At The Center of the Travel Industry

Events, publications, education, and technology for the travel industry with Northstar…

NorthstarTom Cintorino, EVP of Digital for Northstar Travel Media (the leading B2B information, business intelligence, commerce and events platform serving the travel industry) joins host John Matson in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • How Northstar’s team of outstanding editors, ground-breaking journalists, engaging educators and savvy directors is unrivaled in the Travel Industry
  • In-depth articles explore the industry’s most critical issues
  • Education platforms for travel agents and meetings planners about global travel destinations
  • How events play a role in travel industry relationships, because we’re human and we need to meet, and how that concept is right in the center of travel
  • The many publications of Northstar including Travel Weekly, Travel Weekly Asia, Travel Weekly China, TravelAge West
  • Travel technology such as Phocuswright, Inntopia, Web in Travel
  • Meetings & Conventions in the US, China and AsiaNorthstar
  • SportsTravel , Corporate Travel, Business Travel News, The Beat, Travel Procurement
  • Notable events such as The Phocuswright Conference, Phocuswright Europe, WIT Singapore, Mountain Travel Symposium, CruiseWorld, Global Travel Marketplace, Global Travel Marketplace West, The Beat Live, Innovate, etc.
  • How Cintorino became involved with Northstar after the grind of the startup world
  • Why the travel industry supply chain is like a bowl of spaghetti, and everyone is doing business with everyone, even if only impacting one part of a traveler’s experience and you might work with most everything and everyone
  • Impacting the culture of a company, spending a lot of time on destination experience of a work trip, and raising the bar for personal experiences
  • Setting up in China, and early accomplishmentsHow technology plays into vision for Northstar, with acquisitions and how the focus is not just events or media companies but also tech companies
  • Geo-cloning

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