039 – Viktorina Lintsova of SkyGuru – Experience Flying Again

Real-time explanation what and why happens and what to expect during your flight, and a tool for anxious flyers…

SkyGuruOne in three people experience anxiety when flying. Now there is an app that can help. Viktorina Lintsova, Managing Director of SkyGuru joins John Matson and Nick Vivion (tnooz) in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • The most anxious moments for flyers
  • Pre-boarding, why the anxiety, anticipation and fear of the unknown
  • The inspiration for SkyGuru, with the idea from a pilot and psychologist, who wanted something to be there and support people when he couldn’t be there with them
  • Like having a pilot and psychologist in the seat next to you
  • One in three people experiencing psychological discomfort, many altering plans due to psychological stressesSkyGuru
  • Money left on table for airlines, why airlines haven’t addressed this
  • Is a loss of cognitive function due to anxiety a safety issue?
  • Freemium vs. pro versions, anxious passengers gravitate to the pro version, which supports through the whole flight
  • Looking at how people interact with SkyGuru, whether an anxious flyer or not, and how SkyGuru has been evolving into a travel companion and people curious about aviation
  • SkyGuru soon releasing updated version with some augmented realitySkyGuru
  • Why the app needs to be flat on armrest at time of takeoff
  • Accelerator experience, getting the most out of a 3 ½ month program,
  • A home-baked snack with a secret recipe
  • Who is the anxious flyer – not who you think, and how it can come out of nowhere.
  • Anxiety can cause airlines to lose business travelers, 5% of the highest value flyers are anxious
  • SkyGuru has gotten interest in airline industry in industry events, and can be integrated in seatback screens to enhance passenger experience
  • How the app can help passengers plan their flight experience better, flight crews can know when to serve the food/drinks, and one can see use with OTAs and travel portals to help passengers plan flight better,
  • Bringing the experience back to flying

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