044 – Gilad Goren of Raleigh&Drake – Enabling the Generation of Experiences

The world’s first influencer-driven discovery platform using social currency for travel…

Gilad GorenGilad Goren, social entrepreneur and Founder of Raleigh&Drake, joins John Matson, Bess Chapman, and guest host Marc Raco in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Gilad Goren on the future of content in the travel context, mix of personalization, instead of celebrity culture of past more local authentic voices and people who align with the travel in the way they view travel, ubiquitous and quality content throughout the journeyGilad Goren
  • Millennials rarely plan trips until on their way, dreaming and planning
  • Raleigh&Drake is not setting new paradigm, instead reading the lines on how people plan their trips, helping with the tool for brands in travel space to adapt to how travelers view luxury
  • Many people spend 45 hours on 45 websites when planning travel, but will ask friends on social media what they do and think
  • Less than 25% trust recommendation sites, and
  • Building a quilt of different sources of insight, aggregating trusted content so brands can deploy into their websites, as a discovery ecosystemGilad Goren
  • White label bookable content as a service solution, aggregate great content, make bookable, license to brand who want to increase engagement and increase customer experience
  • Power of Instagram was in the visuals from real individuals sharing experiences with others, timeless power of visuals as we are visual beings
  • Always looked for advice from people close to us, this is another way of doing it
  • Brand can really own an experience, host and facilitate experience, benefit on ancillary revenue, and benefit from enhancing guest experience, all built for personalization which grows as the traveler uses it moreGilad Goren
  • Necessity of CRMs, how Raleigh&Drake can feed data to a brand’s CRM
  • An opportune times to leapfrog
  • A route into travel for brands to connect with consumers
  • Interacting with local travel resources can lower the carbon footprint, have less cultural negative impact, increase spend into local economies
  • Curating and trusting explorersGilad Goren
  • Through their lens, a multiplicity of curated authentic unique voices
    Earliest memories of Saturday morning cartoons like GI Joe as a first glimpse into the American hero and American spirit, as an early brand experience forming who Goren is
  • How Raleigh&Drake started B to C, and leveraged partnerships and turned B to B
  • Goren spending 45 days in Bolivia in an animal refuge in taking care of middle aged pumas

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