046 – Felix Wunderlich and Greginald Spencer of mypostcard.com – Sharing and Changing the World One Postcard at a Time

Personalized photo postcards, greeting cards and cards created online and sent on the go from anywhere…

mypostcard.comFelix Wunderlich (Head of Business Development) and Greginald Spencer (Office Manager) of mypostcard.com (photos sent as postcards worldwide) join John Matson, Pavan Bahl, and Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • When does one need to send a personalized postcard
  • What should reaction be/feeling – happiness
  • Physical interaction instead of digital, something tangible makes a real impactmypostcard.com
  • The text looks like real handwriting
  • Process to use — download app, upload photo, the ability to have an envelope because of sensitive photos
  • Participation in a German accelerator
  • The app saves a lot of time
  • Friction on the marketing side, looking at customer lifetime value
  • Most customer acquisition via Google Adwords
  • Growth efforts via universities, building awareness
  • The ability to partner with major social platforms like Instagram
  • Whether content changed that customers are sharing, and is it relating to larger trends in the travel industry?
  • The shift from digital to physical, sentimental valuemypostcard.com
  • Creative marketing, and a song, changing the world with a postcard
  • The path to become a travel lifestyle brand
  • Spreading the feeling of that moment, and how to share that feeling and create buzz
  • How a postcard is something you share in person with visitors
  • Partnerships and collabrorations including prisons
  • Winning on the Apollo stage
  • A prior career in hospitality managementmypostcard.com
  • How Greginald got to NYC
  • Every season is Ramen season
  • And someday— Europe as a home?

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