049 – Andrea Martinez of Boom Hospitality – Next Level Hotels

Creative tactics and best business practices for hotels…

Boom HospitalityAndrea Martinez, President of Boom Hospitality (a hospitality consultancy firm helping boutique hotels, independent hotels, and F&B operations, open, grow, or convert their businesses with the use of creative tactics and best business practices) joins John Matson and Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • The crucial need to properly understand your market
  • Boom Hospitality working mostly with boutique and out-of-the-box hotels
  • Tech in modern hospitality is so important, but not every guest is the same, simplicity is important
  • Mirrors with digital concierge, interactive maps, fun, equipped with things guests want and will use
  • The need to only adapt tech in a way you can adapt
  • The boutique traveler is looking for something very specific
  • Martinez is living a dream job, started in non profitsBoom Hospitality
  • How we make development/construction more sustainable, less destructive on the environment and actually help the environment
  • Building a hotel within a mountain in a way that doesn’t hurt things around it
  • How it is important that social media and marketing about a project must be part of the conversation from the beginning and a priority, design, construction management guest experience, PR
  • Special cookies Martinez is obsessed with for a snack
  • An approach to driving to a hotel or a destination?Boom Hospitality
  • Methods of discovery – seeing online, Instagram, website, how common each method is
  • People wanting to go somewhere they saw and then researched
  • The need to be careful about defining local experiences
  • Bringing true authentic local experiences by partnering with and creating alliances with local destinations
  • Martinez’s experience in Latin America, Florida, bigger cities in US, Toronto
  • Politics plays a big role in how one develops because permits are different

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