052 – Ned Horneffer of Romeo Power Technology – Powering the Future of Travel

Lithium battery-powered travel…

Romeo PowerNed Horneffer, Director of Business Development for Romeo Power Technology (creators of the world’s most energy-dense battery packs) joins John Matson and Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Romeo Power Technology is counting on that electrical is the future of transportation
  • Electrification will take over all forms of transportation, batteries tech will increase
  • The challenge of being able to retrofit vehicle with batteries
  • Startups can move quickly, they are really sold on lithium and electrificationRomeo Power
  • Larger players, the secret is to find out how serious they are
  • Developing and getting a proof of concept for a fleet of vehicles
  • Regional transportation need so great, could affect regulation
  • Will technology affect consumer behavior, or will consumer need push technology development and adoption
  • Will people know how to handle it?
  • Flying cars
  • Influencing regulation as a brand
  • UL certification important
  • How battery power for aircraft can open up airports with noise restrictions
  • Marine sector is off and running
  • Norwegian strength
  • Battery-run cruise ships?
  • The danger of batteries and firesRomeo Power
  • Level of confidence in safety, tech is at a point that if you build batteries the right way they will never explode, single cell fault tolerance and pack construction avoid chain reactions
  • Punctures are a primary danger
  • Transportation is a means to an end
  • Appreciating the world is big when things go wrong with travel

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