055 – Yannis Moati of Hotels by Day – Reimagining Hotel Revenue

Day-use hotel rooms with early check-in as a hospitality marketing and revenue hack…

Yanni MoatiYannis Moati, CEO of Hotels by Day (gives travelers a comfortable daytime hotel room for half the price of an overnight stay), joins John Matson and Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • The biggest opportunity hotel revenue management – the idea of reimagining a hotel
  • Revenue management is a new science, becoming complex
  • New orthodoxies in hotel revenue creation being developed regularly
  • Conversation has changed from disinterest to wanting to discussYanni Moati
  • A niche play in nascent sector
  • Flexibility of hotel consumption, responding to an on demand society
  • A rigid check-in/out schedule doesn’t work for today’s society
  • Protocol, tech, marketing funnel to become more flexible one step at a time, because it’s a big operation
  • Hotels don’t see this as hourly play – more like a block of time
  • Types of hotels that Hotels by Day works with, segmenting customer base based on hotels they have
  • Sweet spot are 4 stars, then 3 stars, then 2 stars if they have a record of accomplishmentYanni Moati
  • Customer acquisition is costly
  • A marketing hack to acquire new customers
  • Growing organically
  • Experience is the key in a day stay
  • Being on Shark Tank
  • Why Hotels by Day will be the winners by allowing hospitality to join when they are ready
  • Barely scratched surface of possible demand, giving it time to grow
  • Part of sharing economy, using idle space and making use of it in a different way
  • Technology doesn’t allow flexibility and agility to follow trends of modern society in hospitality, don’t have the right tools
  • And the reinvigoration of the soul by the sea
  • The main drive of being able to help people

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