057 – Kelsey Recht of VenueBook – Right Space, Right Time

Streamlining the interaction between event organizers and venues…

VenueBookKelsey Recht, CEO/Founder of VenueBook (a platform offering event venues that you can search, discover and book), joins John Matson and Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • A look at the meeting and events industry and what drives growth
  • Despite digital, no substitute for in-person meetings, companies are hosting more events, but the types are changing
  • Different ways people thinking about meetings, how the travel industry has to adapt to changing landscape
  • VenueBooks’s user acquisition
  • The influx of accidental event planners
  • Circumventing issues with inventory side
  • Becoming skilled at helping venues skew inventory toward what is most in demand
  • The attention to better experiences
  • A focus on top notch booking experience overall, a very sophisticated platform
  • How VenuBook conversion rate is at 20%
  • Availability and pricing are generally the biggest friction.
  • Transparent pricing helps
  • Customers are in the market 45 days in advance of event, booking around 30 days in advance
  • Traditional hotel chains have dropped commissions with the promise of better tech tools
  • Making it easier/faster to book event spaces for planners and venues
  • Venues are top of funnel
  • Spinning up in new cities and with new venues, helping people think of spaces as venue spaces, giving hotels ideas for selling inventory they wouldn’t think of

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