061 – Brian Altomare of LugLess – The Case for Suitcase Shipping

A luggage shipping platform leveraging existing logistics networks, and including options such as doorstep pickup and additional coverage, with LugLess…

Brian Altomare,  Director of Business Development for LugLess (a next generaton luggage shipping service), joins John Matson and Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • The first low-cost alternative to luggage and baggage shipping fees, start at the door, not at baggage clam
  • Being friends to airlines
  • With airlines, it is possible to be an asset
  • The opportunity for partnerships
  • How LugLess doesn’t need operational help
  • Being in stealth beta mode for 12 months, with consistent growth
  • New brand, positioning, model
  • Can be an asset to any OTA with a booking engine
  • Making agreements with hotels, airlines and OTAs, or direct to consumer
  • API not a feature, it’s a tool
  • Friction  – the effort to bring and do it ahead of time
  • Can increase service
  • Most are economy travelers with convenience
  • Insurance considerations, relationships with FedEx and UPS and DHL
  • Low-price shipping several bags, dynamic pricing
  • A mass travel economy play
  • LugLess is a platform to do something for less and more convenient
  • Strangest things shipped
  • Why LugLess is currently domestic only
  • Shark Tank and how it changed LugLess, why LugLess gutted everything, rebuilt
  • Low-cost, API, drop-off
  • Brian on making fun of himself in articles
  • Why LugLess didn’t rebrand
  • Turning negative press into a positive
  • Staying healthy when traveling
  • Feeling at home when abroad

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