063 – Marty St. George of JetBlue – Making Connections

Marty St. GeorgeA visionary executive and experienced senior revenue and strategy leader in the commercial airline business offers insight into what has turned the aviation industry on its head again  and again over the last 30 years…

Marty St. George, EVP of Commercial and Planning for JetBlue Airways, joins John Matson and Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. Note that Bess Chapman is interviewing Marty St. George only in the capacity as a podcast host – she also works for JetBlue Technology Ventures, a subsidiary of JetBlue.

In the episode:

  • Marty’s history with JetBlue and the Airline industry
  • JetBlue focus cities and outlook on growth
  • The fascination with bankruptcy and what he’s learned from it
  • Changing with the times and evolving to meet demand; From down turn to profits, low cost to premium
  • How customers will always dictate and pick what business model suites them
  • JetBlue training; everyone from baggage handlers to vice presidents share the experience
  • The future of the Airline industry
  • Maintaining the upstart attitude at a larger scaleMarty St. George
  • An anecdote about Mint, and a “missed” business opportunity
  • The 5 core values of JetBlue and the secret sixth
  • White Leather 90s
  • What JetBlue is doing to future proof for recessions
  • The business vs leisure argument; which is more important
  • A love for building networks and the competitive nature it brings out
  • Data, from the new ways aircraft manufacturers are collecting it inflight to the need for protection
  • The mass amounts of data that are available to due regulations
  • The need for airlines to be more customer focused, and restructuring CRMs
  • Viewing JetBlue as a service business and not an operator
  • Overseeing JetBlue ventures; outside the box solutions from outside heads
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have a solution for Air-Traffic Control and the weather?
  • Identifying a business problem, and finding the means to properly address it
  • The future of JetBlue, 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years down the road, and what Marty thought JetBlue would be doing now, 10 years ago
  • Hush Puppies and PBRs, a guide to outlasting “hipness”
  • Doubling down on successes
  • Improved Airline safety and JetBlue’s brand new 220 aircraft
  • Marty’s love for all things Boston, Necco, The Patriots, The Sox, and the small city charm

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