064 -Jared Alster of Cox & Kings – Forward Thinking in a Legacy Travel Brand

How does one of the world’s oldest and largest international tourism companies think about innovation?

Cox & KingsJared Alster, Vice President of Marketing for Cox & Kings (offering customized private and group travel tours to India, Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Antarctica, Australia, and the Middle East), joins John Matson and Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Marketing to Americans outbound
  • Domestic vs. international
  • UK and Australia, different mindset than US, people brought up to be travelers.
  • Brand loyalty largely non existent in the US
  • Challenges of multi-day tour packages
  • When operators makes sense in US – i.e. national parks
  • US is largely a road trip approach
    Cox & Kings
  • B to C focus
  • Being like a travel advisor
  • Designing a site for clarity and purpose instead of for design’s sake
  • More opportunity with people in later years than the past
  • Reaching down as well into small luxury groups
  • Government incentives, bodies rely on operators and agents for CTA to book a trip, may impact what regions are strategically focused on at a time
  • Centralized content the last shoe to fall in industry

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