067 – Filip Maksymilian Bloch and Daniel Flynn of Hotailors – Humanizing Travel with Technology

Organizing business trips 90% faster, 30% cheaper via AI with a human touch…

HotailorsFilip Maksymilian Bloch (CEO) and Daniel Flynn (Business Development Manager) of Hotailors (a next-gen AI-powered travel platform  allowing organization of corporate travel faster, at a lower cost) join John Matson in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • What does Hotailors see changing in corporate travel bookings?
  • Hotailors wants to treat your employees right
  • Who’s driving the change in corporate travel?
  • Identifying and relating to the pain of being a traveler
  • Trimming down the “waste time” spent booking a trip
  • SMD vs Enterprise
  • Winning the market and becoming a unicorn
  • Sizing up the market
  • How Filip and Dan met
  • Narrow Domain Intelligence vs General Form Intelligence
  • Applying AI to the travel space
  • Where Filip sees AI succeeding and thriving 
  • How Artificial Intelligence will help travel be better, smarter, cheaper, faster, and more comfortable
  • The competition in the travel AI space
  • Hotailor’s hybrid approach to travel – Merging A.I. efficiency with human touch by employing a network of 3,000 travel agents across the globe
  • Building a product so good, customers won’t want to leave – the key is to be faster and more robust
  • Hotailor’s approach to product research and development
  • How Hotailor built a network of 3,000 travel agents across the globe
  • The early struggles and mistakes made while growing Hotailors
  • Where Filip believes AI will be used and where he wants to see it utilized
  • Filip’s upbringing running hotels with his parents

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