069 – James Nannos of Stay Wanderful – Surprise, Delight, Return

Acquiring and retaining hospitality customers with surprise-and-delight rewards…

Stay WanderfulJames Nannos, Director of Hotel Sales & Partnerships for Stay Wanderful (a direct booking tool to increase guest conversion and provide surprise- and-delight rewards) joins John Matson and Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • How independent hospitality brands should think about retaining customers
  • Independent hospitality chains don’t have a powerful distribution network
  • Tangible guest rewards, differentiated experiences to guests, and then continuing conversation after the fact
  • How can independents get in there and make a difference
  • Most prefer experiences and benefits to points, most won’t get value out of points
  • Personalizing small but highly perceived value rewardsStay Wanderful
  • Most want to choose rewards
  • If Stay Wanderful is in many properties, how that helps still customers choose a specific property
  • Raising the bar of service won’t dilute the opportunity
  • Stay Wanderful makes it look like a hotel is giving you the rewards, like a white label solution for that hotel
  • The only business where customers are sleeping in palace of business—you must capture them while they are there
  • Independent properties fighting uphill battle
  • A fee-for-success model
  • The importance of fining out the real decision-maker of a hospitality property or brand
  • Why hotels are operating off of antiquating systems, integrating into an old tech stack
  • The helpfulness of the Cornell network
  • The impact of military methodology and experience on entrepreneurialism and how it connects with hotel business

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