Anthony Derico – Where Will Travel Go Next?

If you had an hour to sit with someone who helped build the fastest growing travel media company in the industry – what could you learn? From user-generated content, to the shift of the mobile-first environment and how trends have drastically shifted in travel, along with travel management companies, the joys of  traveling with family, and why not to take your eye off the ball in the travel industry…

AnthonyAnthony Derico, Business Mentor / Advisor for Quake Capital Partners and Business Consultant / Advisor to Voyager HQ,  and former VP/Head of Sales for Skift and Skift table, joins John Matson and Bess Chapman in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • The move to mobile as the biggest travel shift
  • The next biggest shift?
  • The cellphone as a tool of travel
  • Skiplagged for finding cheap flights
  • Influencer content and maintaining an authentic voice, and how everyone is an influencer when they travel and share on social media
  • Making travel more accessible is a market share
  • Does travel have a homogeny problem to get that instagrammable moment?Anthony
  • The effect on business travel
  • Why people travel for business, the many layers of that decision making, and a possible game changer to focus on
  • Working for your snack
  • Creating amazing experiences as a brand, and really executing events that can leave an impression
  • The impact of the rise of startup culture on travel
  • Why travel as a benefit should be core to a business
  • How trade publications can get real stories in travel, and then thoughts on content that stands out
  • Inspiring children with meaningful travel destinations and experiences that make an impact

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