Joanna Patterson of FlixBus – Next Gen Intercity Bus Service

FlixBusA mobility provider that has changed the way over 100 million people have traveled — FlixBus is now taking on the US…

Joanna Patterson, Head of Business Development for FlixBus (a unique combination of tech startup, e-commerce platform and sustainable transportation company) joins Marc Raco and Anthony DeRico.

  • How we need more intercity bus travel
  • Bus travel hasn’t innovated quickly, other players haven’t brought technology that makes it better for consumer, and how FlixBus does take a fragmented industry and makes it better to help more people get placesFlixBus
  • A main player in Europe, hoping to be main player in US
  • A few different clicks you can track buses, buses are well maintained, there is a better experience including plugs, wifi, clean,
  • Charter bus operators typically are partners
  • Allows bus companies its to enter he line run business because they don’t have to setup a full business model and infrastructure
  • FlixBus in the US trying to convince people to take buses for the first time
  • Being a game changer is a combination of things: great mobile experience and good experience being on the bus, using data tom optimize pricing and the network
  • Skewing toward millennials and college students
  • The physical touchpoint with the customer is a driver
  • Being a hand in hand partner in the success ion bus operators
  • The nature of the partnership
  • Important that partners can provide the customer with a good experience
  • Technological capabilities is not important because FlixBus has that capability
  • How treating customers well is very important
  • Management and training of drivers and their interaction with customers  including on the “mobility partner portal”
  • Does maple flavored salmon jerky meet expectations?

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